Monday, May 18, 2009

The Toronto Star Calls Bullshit

[Stephen Harper] accused the Liberals, who have proposed a temporary relaxation of the eligibility rules for jobless benefits, of peddling a plan "to raise payroll taxes to the roof in perpetuity for all workers and small businesses."

That is simply false. Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has made it clear that his proposal is a short-term recession-relief measure. It would not require an increase in payroll taxes. They would remain frozen under the Liberal plan.

Thank you, Toronto Star. I might have actually believed that particular fallacy if you hadn't brought the truth to my attention. Why? Because the truth is something the televised media have conveniently and consistently failed to mention.*

God Bless our urban elitist left-wing rag.

*(of course, it would help if the Liberal Party said it out loud a little more loudly, too)

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