Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bloody Romans. No Sense of Humour.

I don't believe it. I just had a total stranger in the grocery store parking lot voice her objection to the Darwin Fish on the back of my van!

Christian Shopper (in a very huffy voice):
Excuse me, can I ask you something?

Me: Sure.

CS: What's that supposed to mean? (pointing at the offending fish)

Me: Uh... belief in evolution?

CS: Really. In a Christian fish.

Me: Uh... yeah.

CS: Hmph. Nice.

Me: Yeah. It's called 'irony'.


  1. Note that not all Christian sects think that evolution and Christianity are incompatible. Heck, even the Catholic Church accepts evolution as a scientific theory and states it does not find itself at odds with religious teachings.

    It's only usually the Christian fundamentalist sects that have issues with evolution.

  2. A "Christian" fish, lol. As Bugs Bunny would say, what a maroon. What a gulli-bull.

  3. Scott -

    Yes, I know - which is why I didn't title this post "Bloody Christians". However, I had the impression that it wasn't so much evolution she objected to as the idea that some nasty atheist was making fun of a Christian fish.

  4. Interesting. I had heretofore thought your conversation was with a man.

    Have you seen the conspiro-nutjob movie Zeitgeist where they try to explain the Jesus fish?

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  6. This is hilarious.
    I had no idea you had one of those and I MUST get one - rock on, sista!