Friday, May 8, 2009

Brief Thoughts on Ruby Dhalla

I've never particularly cared for Ruby Dhalla, especially since her rather lame and transparent attempt to 'engage the the grassroots' and (coincidentally) raise money for her leadership run. But still, if these accusations are false I sincerely hope she is fully vindicated. If they are true... well, under the bus with her.

While we wait for all this to come out in the wash, a few thoughts:

1) The latest Dhalla employee to step forward, Lyle Alvarez, was interviewed in the Star today. In her case, she was actually hired as a housekeeper rather than a caregiver, although she was promised a caregiver position if she worked out. She told the usual tale of long hours, late nights, polishing shoes, scrubbing floors, etc. But what caught my eye was this:

Alvarez said she told Magdalene Gordo about the job and accompanied her to the interview at the home on Feb. 1, 2008.

If I were cross examining this woman, my very first question would be, "If the job was so horrible, why on earth would recommend it to anyone except as something to avoid at all costs?"

2) If Dhalla's family has any interest in rescuing her political career, then at some point her brother and mother need to step forward and accept full responsibility for their dealings with these women. Preferably sooner rather than later. The fact that they haven't already is a little disconcerting.

3) I found it even more disconcerting to notice the Google ads next to the article in the Star:

Sigh. Lovely.


  1. First, I agree with you... I'm gonna wait to see how this plays out. If true, the allegations are quite serious. If false, it will be one of the largest premature attackulations since the campaign against Dion.

    Second, you need adblock for your browser.

  2. Good first question for Alvarez. I wondered about that too. And the woman who runs the small employment agency also said how horrible things were and how she told the women to quit, yet as each one was quitting, she sent another one right away. Strange.

  3. I've always sort of looked at these nanny positions as a modern form of indentured servitude. I'd never hire some foreign nanny, knowing they're only doing it to get citizenship.