Thursday, February 28, 2008


I am usually amused when someone from the PMO, or the House of Commons (hi, Garth!), or the Ministry of Natural Resources, or even AECL pays a visit to my blog. Since I frequently write about topics related to these organizations, it's understandable and even flattering that they should check in from time to time.

However, when the Sergeant at Arms of the U.S. Senate pops by to check out my piece on the dubious hazards of incinerator bottom ash - not once, but twice in the past 24 hours - you'll forgive me if I start getting a little paranoid.

There's no indication of how he found my blog or what he was looking for. What's the interest here? Has someone threatened the U.S. Senate with a terrorist attack involving bottom ash? Or fluoride? Did I inadvertently use a keyword on a list somewhere? Is this interest official, or is it just some guy on his break who has relatives in Halton or a deep personal interest in public water treatment policy?

So, Mr. Sergeant at Arms: if you are reading this, please drop me a line and let me know that I can stop freaking out about this.

Thank you very much.


  1. It was unlikely the Sergeant of Arms. It looks like the entire Class C (255 addresses) is registered to that office, assuredly merely as their custodian for the use of the senate.

  2. I visited Jennifer’s Blog.
    I do not visit many blogs or comment a lot.

    I am a Canadian by choice not chance.
    I am a country boy not a city slicker.

    I have a dog not a doorbell, a collie not a rottweiler, a friend not a pet.

    I walk in the woods not the streets.
    I have a truck not a car, a barn not a garage, a septic system not a sewer.

    I live on a gravel road not a paved road.
    I have dial up not high speed, a mailbox not a letterbox, a yard light not a street light.

    I shoot photo’s not trophies.
    I am old not young, married not single, poor not rich, over taxed not over sexed.

    I heat with wood not gas
    I respect my neighbors not numb-sculls, police not politicians , hikers not hunters.
    I am NOT the Sergeant at Arms of the U.S. Senate
    I am a RURAL Canadian.


  3. It's really nothing to worry about. As 300baud says the entire US Senate is registered to that IP.

    They have a news and blog aggregator that the researchers use. When they spot something of interest it moves around "like-thinking" legislators offices in an email.

    That's why there's no referring url.