Monday, February 25, 2008

Chalk River: And One More Thing...

In my previous post, commenter shun mentioned something that I hadn't noticed before. It has to do with the timing of a statement Gary Lunn made on Thursday, November 29th, 2007:

Lunn announced Thursday, in concert with the decision to join GNEP, that AECL's future is up for grabs.

"It is time to consider whether the existing structure of AECL is appropriate to the changing marketplace," Lunn said in the government release.

He announced a review of the Crown corporation.

Hmm... wait a minute... that date rings a bell. Oh, yeah:

"I sent an e-mail on Nov. 29 or 30 ... which said this is serious, we need to get on this," the source said.

But of course that's just a coincidence. Riiiiight...


  1. If AECL is hitching any part of its future to GNEP it should think twice. Once the big government, big spender plutonium advocates are ushered out the door at the US DOE the whole program will go back into the swamp from whence it came. As reprocessing everywhwere depends on government money or duping rate payers this program has a limited lifetime. Till then the opposition in Washington will continue to pound on it and those allied with the program. AECL should see the handwriting on the wall and get out of GNEP now.

  2. IF AECL is thinking about hitching its future to the GNEP?


    Todays addition to Shun Lunn - Isotope Insanity website:

    Globe and Mail Headline "Putting a for sale sign on AECL"

    The Isotope B-Lunn-der was all about greasing the skids for the offloading of AECL. Remember the story was launched just as the ink dried on our joining the GNEP.

    The government is much more interested in looking like they made a move that saved lives rather than joining an another American misadventure that puts them in jeopardy.

    Remember Howard lost an election down under largely by joining the GNEP and ignoring the Waste clause just as Harper has done with Lunn.

    Its no wonder the Americans are looking to Canada as the model for avoiding political fallout while dumping nuclear waste as outlined in the upcoming report "Nuclear Waste on Ice" - Lessons from Canada on storing spent nuclear fuel and high level radioactive waste.