Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring Is Sprung, the Grass is... Underwater

One of the nicest things about our little house in Milton is that Sixteen Mile Creek is literally across the street from us. Our part of it flows within an ugly but effective concrete flood control channel behind a high fence. Aesthetically it sucks, but days like today I'm awfully glad it's there.

This is the scene a few blocks south of us, looking north...

and looking south:

I've lived in this town for fourteen years, and I've never seen flooding this bad. Ever.

Other signs of spring: things emerging from the snow. Garbage. Muck. My next door neighbour's Christmas tree that the Town failed to pick up in January:

And this poor little fella, right at the busy corner of Laurier and Ontario St:

So sad. He looks like he's asleep, which he probably was when he crawled into a snowbank and died. I'll take mercy on the squeamish and put the close-up behind this link, but he's actually in pretty good shape, considering.

I called the Town to come and collect him (he's been exposed there for days), but they said they might not be able to come right away because they're busy... with flood issues.

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  1. Driving from Cambridge to Brampton through Milton/Halton Hills today was fun. Steeles avenue closed east of 6th line (*somewhere near 16 mile creek I suspect). 5th Line closed west of 8th line also.

    I had to do some serious backtracking this morning.