Sunday, October 25, 2009

Colin Horgan on 'Canada's Frozen Political Waste'

I have nothing to add to this, other than to delight in the fact that it comes to us via The Guardian:

Down is the new up: Canadians suddenly like Stephen Harper, but for the wrong reasons.

Michael Ignatieff's announcement on Monday that his Liberal party will not "actively seek to defeat" the Conservatives "by proposing their own confidence motions," was an almost direct contradiction to his resounding cry in September that Harper's "time is up". The Liberal threat to dismantle the Tory government is now effectively dead, and many Canadians couldn't possibly care less. We like Harper now. Unfortunately, it will get us nowhere.

The biggest political story of October hasn't been Ignatieff's troubles or the widening poll gap between the Tories and Liberals, or even some Tory MPs slapping their names or their party logo on government (read: taxpayer) stimulus cheques. Instead, it's been Harper's performance of the Beatles song With a Little Help From My Friends at a gala benefit at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. It sparked an immediate response and softened some of his harshest critics. The media cooed, and Harper – formerly known for his wax-like public persona – became a YouTube hit.

'Wax-like persona'. Heh.

Really, go read the rest. The last three sentences are the killers.


  1. I always thought that the Royal Canadian Air Farce perfected Harper to a "T". I agree that he's made Canadians so apathetic about politics that they don't care but if he ever gets his majority, Canada will become the laughingh stock of the entire workl and we will become a police state!

  2. With an Official Opposition as lacklustre as the current bunch Harper gets a free pass.  That's one thing we can't blame on Harper.  The current LPC management is hopelessly inept.  Iggy needed years of experience to develop the requisite qualities to lead.  He and his supposed advisors stormed their way into a job he wasn't remotely prepared to handle.  Whether we like it or not, it's the great undecided Canadian voting public who decide elections and, when it comes to Ignatieff, I think they've already made up their minds.

  3. All it takes for a Canadian to get published in the Guardian is to say something nice about Conservatives and something not so nice about Liberals.  It was a Canadian gal writing in the Guardian who hung the "dither", thing on Martin.  All the while, CTV and Canwest quoted the Guardian as the source, implying that all of England had come to the 'dither', conclusion.
    This article zero's in on reality though.  My membership card got shredded the minute it showed up (four months after the fact), something Ignatieff had better do with the bag of shit AKA as his, "advisors".