Friday, October 30, 2009

What are they, twelve?!

I remember an episode of some 'Law & Order'-type show in which the prosecution (or maybe the defence) requests documents under discovery, and the opposing side responds by dumping box after box after box of paper in their office.

It seems John Baird saw that episode too.

The Harper government has dumped three boxloads of information about its efforts to stimulate Canada's sputtering economy on Parliament's independent budget watchdog.

Kevin Page had asked for more information, complaining that the sketchy data provided up to now made it impossible to tell whether $12 billion in stimulus spending is having any impact on the economy.

But rather than provide an easy-to-analyse spreadsheet listing infrastructure projects and how much money has been spent on each of them to date, the government flooded Page Thursday with 4,476 pages of documents.

...[Baird] made no apologies for not delivering the information in a more user-friendly form. He said 200 officials at Infrastructure Canada have been "working flat out" to get 7,600 projects up and running and that has to be their "first priority."

"The parliamentary budget officer has asked for a significant amount of information. We've given him a significant amount of information," Baird said.

Tell you what. Next time Canada's Not-So-New Government asks for you to pay your taxes, why don't we all drive up to Jim Flaherty's office in Ottawa and dump it on his desk. In pennies.

That'll show 'em!


  1. How much more obnoxious can this bunch of idiots get. Hide, obfuscate, lie, & divide. Sickening. I shudder to think what would happen to this country if they were ever to get a majority. We won't know what hit us until it's too late. It's already happening & the majority of the population, unfortunately, are ignorant of how dangerous this group of goons are.
    Like your pennies

  2. I have a vague recollection that it was actually a movie called Class Action. Gene Hackman was suing a car company over a defective model and his daughter was working for a high powered firm defending the suit. At one point the daughter's firm responds to a request for discovery with a truck load of boxes. I could be wrong though. As I said, it's a vague memory and I might be mixing it up with another story.

  3. Great idea with the pennies but I am a few provinces away from Ontario way west. Maybe we could all drop them off at the local Ex Conservatives office in our towns and viilages or at the post office addressed to the Conservative Party of Canada ,C.O.D.

    Sorry for the Anon but I have been having a lot of problems losing passwords on sites I visit. Happy Halloween, 

    Sinceely  M