Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We are professionals. Do not try this at home.

Susan Delacourt sounds like she's getting a little defensive over criticism of her non-story story:

Q. Is it possible that the Conservative source made up this story to make "mischief," as Liberals allege?

A: Yes it is. But our usual practice is to "out" the source if we find out it was a deliberate lie, so stay tuned. Seasoned political people know that you only get to lie once to a reporter.

Q: Who are the possible defectors?

A: No names were given. And that's the beauty of it for Conservatives, as one of my colleagues pointed out. Now every Liberal will be wondering if other Liberals are going to jump.

So let me get this straight. A single, unnamed, partisan source hands her an unsubstantiated rumour that she acknowledges may well be a total fabrication, and then not only does she run it as a legitimate news story but then decides to attach the name of a random Liberal MP to it that sorta kinda sounds plausible based on no evidence whatsoever... and THAT'S journalism?!?

I'm going to remember this one the next time a journalist makes a snide comment about bloggers.


  1. "<span style="font-style: italic;">Seasoned political people know that you only get to lie once to a reporter."</span>

    Codswallop. (I had another word in mind but I didn't want to presume to swear here without knowing your policy.)

  2. Journamalists will do anything, anything at all, to fulfill the obligation to write x number of columns or x number of stories a week.

    Doesn't matter who they work for or what their personal political leanings are or what the nature of reality is.

    They are all whores to the contract and the deadline.

    And once they reach a certain point in their careers they are no longer bothered overly much by the editors at their workplace.