Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Isotope Crisis: What Impolitical Said

I've been slacking off on my blogging this summer because... well, it's summer. Get over it.

Besides, my very favourite nuclear blogger Impolitical has been doing a top notch job chronicling the Chalk River / Lisa Raitt / isotope debacle without the need for any added commentary from me.

Today's post discusses McMaster University's repeated and unheeded pleas for the federal government to give them the go-ahead and the relatively small amount of cash they need to enable them to start producing Moly-99 isotopes. Turns out they first made this offer a year and a half ago, stating that it would only take them 18 months to start production.

In other words, if the government had taken them up on it then, they would be producing large quantities of moly-99 isotopes RIGHT NOW.

I'll be asking Lisa Raitt about this, but assuming she even bothers to answer me I'm pretty sure I know exactly what her response will be:

"We are aware of McMaster's capabilities and this is one of the options we're considering."

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