Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween, You Ungrateful Little Bastards

I may have mentioned that my husband does props and wardrobe work for the movies. This means that we have the most kick-ass Halloween display in all of Milton every year. None of that store-bought crap, either - it's all either made or modified by him.

He was a little pressed for time this year, but he still managed to put all this together:


Now, our house is across the street from a park, so we usually don't get a lot of traffic on Halloween despite the way cool decorations. Maybe ten or twelve Trick-or-Treaters - twenty on a good year. But some.


Oh, sure, I get it. You're all going for the high-yield neighbourhoods. The townhouses, or maybe even the new developments. No sense bothering with that house across from the park with the deaf couple next door who don't shell out. And that driveway is soooo long...

Screw 'em. Next year, we're just going to set up in front of some other house where Adam's work can be appreciated. See if you get any candy from us then, assholes.



  1. Really awesome display. What a drag you didn't get any kids.

    Sounds like a good idea to get together with friends who do live in a high traffic area, decorate their house, and have fun giving out treats with them. That talent really should be on display at Halloween!

  2. Thanks for sharing your Halloween decorating. It looked very cool.
    I'm also sorry you sound so angry. Perhaps you could put out a notice in your local elementary schools, childcare centres, local library, grocery stores, corner variety about your very cool decorations.

    I remember when my children were little, my husband use to take them to see this very cool decorated old farm house that was off the beaten track and situated on a long farm lane way.
    The owners decorated a week before and advertised through the local schools and so on. The kids loved it and it became an annual event.
    Of course, we would never had known about it or driven them out there if it had not been publicized through local posted up flyers.
    It's an idea IMV worth considering and it would be fun.

  3. How did your husband manage to dig up Milton Friedman and place him in a wheelchair?

    We only got 4 kids this year. Reports are that the numbers are down elsewhere. A communal tradition is dying - replaced by phony Halloween parties at the shopping malls...

  4. Jan -

    I'm not really angry, just annoyed. I tend to feign rage for humourous effect, but I guess that doesn't always come across. Does this help?


    We actually have a friend who works for one of the local papers. For the past two years she has promised to come and take pictures and do a write up for us, but so far she's been a no-show.

  5. Really cool stuff Jennifer. No kids at all? How very odd. Do you have a large immigrant neighbourhood? Many newcomers don't know what Halloween is.

    I was shocked how subdued this thing is here in Vancouver.

  6. Sorry, Raph - you can't blame this one on the immigrants. Our neighbourhood is in 'Olde Milton', which is about as Wonderbread as it gets.

    I did talk to a woman today who lives out in the new developments (where most of Milton's immigrant population lives, BTW). She said they had so many kids they barely sat down all night. She didn't recognize half of them, and was convinced that they were being driven in from the old part of town.

    I knew some kids liked to walk down to the townhouses because the doors were closer together, but this is ridiculous.

  7. I saw some Asian kids here get into the spirit, but I don't think they understood the point. I saw about a dozen of them trick-or-treating with shopping bags and no costumes on.

    Oh well, they'll learn...

  8. wow....that was quite a set up. I was away in NYC else I would have definitely brought my kid around your neighbourhood.

  9. I love it! I've never seen such a great bunch of Halloween decorations. The white pumpkins are my favorite... no, everything's my favorite. You should write a feature article for a newspaper or magazine timed for Halloween next year. It could focus on your husband's career and work he's done on horror films, plus highlight his Halloween decorations around your house.