Thursday, November 13, 2008

Iggy: Less Horrible Than Last Time?

I am overwhelmed by ambivalence.

I just finished watching Michael Ignatieff announce his not so secret intention to run for the leadership of the Liberal Party, and... I dunno. He seems to be saying all the right things: renewal, a 308 strategy, grassroots participation, laying the groundwork for generational change in the party. He even invoked Mike Pearson and (gasp!) the Kingston Conference.

I'm still trying to decide if I believe him or not.

What was most interesting to me is what he didn't say. He didn't talk about Afghanistan or his intentions for the role of Canada's military - something he wouldn't shut up about last time and put me off of him completely. He also didn't talk much about his overall views on economics and trade policy, except as they specifically pertain to the current crisis and the auto industry. Where is he on NAFTA and other international trade agreements? Where is he on tax policy? Where is he on market regulation? These are things I will want to know.

Still, I am less horrified at the prospect of Michael Ignatieff as Liberal leader than I was. My first choice would probably have been Gerard Kennedy; my current inclination is towards Rae. But if Iggy were to win (and at this point that's looking likely), I think I could live with that.

Maybe. It's early days.

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