Friday, August 3, 2007

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

I expected ‘Chuck & Larry’ to be offensive to gay people, but I obviously underestimated its scope and ambition. In fact, the film manages to be equally offensive to women, Asians, firefighters, the morbidly obese, children who enjoy musical theatre, and possibly the dead.

To be fair, once the movie runs out of all the obvious gay jokes, the second half makes a decent attempt at humanizing the main characters and making some sort of statement for tolerance. The relationship between Sandler and Biel is sweet, although it seemed to me that ‘Tootsie’ had already covered the same ground with far more humour and grace. And with no breast fondling involved.

If ‘Chuck & Larry’ had actually been funny, I might have forgiven most of its sins. Sadly, your average twelve year old boy has a more sophisticated sense of humour that the writers of this mess. I’ll give it two stars out of five.

(not surprisingly, Murray loved this one. You can read his cogent analysis here.)

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