Saturday, August 11, 2007

Getting Things Kinda Done (ok, not so much)

The provincial and territorial premiers finished their little conference and handed in their homework today:
Premiers fail to agree on climate change

Canada's premiers failed to reach agreement on major initiatives to control greenhouse gas emissions, but will move forward on less controversial steps to slow climate change.

The annual premiers' conference ended in Moncton on Friday with the provincial and territorial leaders announcing progress on biofuel development, more study on carbon sinks through tree planting and agriculture, and participation in a climate registry to reliably measure emissions.

They were not able to agree on a cap-and-trade system for greenhouse gases, which could significantly reduce industrial emissions across the country.

As well, there was no agreement on implementing California-style tailpipe emission standards, which Ontario says can only be done as part of a continental initiative and with financial support from the federal government.

I see. So, instead of actually reducing greenhouse gases, they’ve all agreed to

a) read up on how photosynthesis works,
b) accurately measure how much CO2 we’re actually spewing, and
c) go right ahead with one of the few alternative energy sources that is as bad or worse than fossil fuels for emitting greenhouse gases, and worse still when the crops are grown in a temperate / northern climate like, say, CANADA.

Well done, boys. Mission accomplished.

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