Thursday, August 23, 2007

My SPP Video: Coming Soon to Someone Else's Blog

You have no idea how badly I'm wanting high speed internet right now.

I made my very first attempt at video editing today. It was a little frustrating at first, but after some trial and error and one major progress-deleting computer gorf, I manage to whittle my 35 minutes of raw footage down to a tidy little six minute file.

I'm still on dial-up here so knew it would take a while to upload. Ok, quite a while. Still, after an hour and a half I was starting to wonder when it would ever end.

And then the connection dropped.


Happily, I was at Garth Turner's Town Hall meeting in Milton tonight. I showed Esther some of the raw footage on the camera and she was very keen. When she told Garth about it and I explained the technical difficulties I'd been having, he offered to put it up on his site and then I could just link to it from mine.


I whipped home, grabbed the disk, handed it to Garth's tech guy, and it should be up by Saturday. It's not the most exciting video of the demonstration out there, but some highlights include clowns, storm troopers, someone having difficulty burning a U.S. flag (sensitive American viewers may wish to avert their eyes), and the aftermath of the first pepper-spray of the day.

Maybe I should have told them about the flag burning...


BTW, there is a truly excellent account of the demonstration in NOW from someone who was considerably closer to the front than I was. I was especially interested to learn that the people I heard shouting "Peaceful protest! Peaceful protest!" were not yelling at the cops as I had assumed, but rather at some schmuck who was throwing rocks. Gee, maybe it was one of those SQ guys!

(H/T to Gazetteer)

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  1. Jennifer,

    Please let me know when you have your video up.

    You can leave me a message on the comments at my place.

    Or send me a not at:
    pacificgazette at yahoo dot ca

    Thanks so much - your original eyewitness account is one of the reasons I started paying attention to citizen journalists as much (or more) than the professional media.

    I agree that the piece in NOW is a good one.