Friday, August 24, 2007

And in Other, Non-SPP News...

I was at Garth Turner's Town Hall meeting in Milton tonight.

(I think I mentioned that already. I'm just a bloggin' fool this evening.)

He started with a well rehearsed and downright retro overhead projector presentation on economics, the sub-prime meltdown, income splitting, photos of Flaherty - all his favourites. But when the questions from the audience started, the first dozen or so were all about... SPP and the Montebello summit.

Wow. I'll bet none of these people had even heard of the SPP a month ago, and now it's top of the agenda. That's pretty amazing. I guess those 'sad' protests had some effect after all.

Garth asked me to give my take on the whole issue, which I babbled my way through in my inimitable way (why is it I can never come up with words like 'inimitable' when I'm speaking in public?). Turner's actually sounding more and more convinced that there is something very wrong going on here, which is nice to see.

Betty Kennedy was in the audience. I thought I'd spotted her at the last Town Hall I was at but I wasn't sure from the back. I hadn't realized that she lived around here, and had no idea that she's been working for the Halton Liberals. Neat!

Someone made the mistake of bringing up the elected Senate idea, and Turner make the mistake of arguing in favour of it. Well! You should have heard Kennedy totally eviscerate his position. I had been all ready to pipe up, but she did such a brilliant job of defending our appointed Senate that all I could think was, "Uh... what she said!"

Ok, so I'd also forgotten that she'd been in the Senate for a brief while.

My favourite moment was when someone asked about the gun registry. Arguments were made against it, Turner tried to play it neutral, and then I stuck up my hand. I told them that I was a hunter and a gun owner, and that I had absolutely no problem with having to register my guns.

I thought Turner was going to fall off his stool.

He paused for a moment and said, "But I thought you were one of those left-wing, anti-globalization people?"

Yeah, well, I'm just full of surprises.

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