Thursday, August 16, 2007

Countdown to Montebello

The motel room is reserved, the rental car is booked, and in two days I’ll be hittin’ the road to Ottawa with my fifteen year-old son.

It’s gonna be duelling CDs all the way. Hendrix vs. Lily Allen, White Stripes vs. Squirrel Nut Zippers, The Doors vs. Howlin’ Wolf. Good thing we have some appreciation for each other’s music.

The SPP Summit and the attendant protests have finally surfaced on network news. CTV Newsnet ran a blurb about it yesterday, interviewing a couple of the student organizers in Ottawa, then showing the requisite file footage of assholes throwing large objects through windows in "other protests that turned violent".

Great. That’s helpful. Thanks.

This sort of coverage does nothing to reassure my husband. He’s still convinced that he’s going to have to call my dad for bail money at some point this weekend.

It occurred to me yesterday that this will be my first protest since I marched against Cruise Missile testing on Canadian soil back in the 80s. This illustrates that a) I am really, really old, and b) very little has changed in the past couple of decades. We still have to fight for our sovereignty tooth and nail.

I still believe it’s worth fighting for. Come join us.


  1. And of course what we all want to know is : Will you be live-blogging?

  2. Well... live-ish. The most portable item in my arsenal right now is a laptop that is nearly as old as my son and weighs more than my cat, so I'm afraid I won't be blogging from mid-fray.

    (note to hubby: please add Crackberry to my Christmas list)

    I will be posting from either the hotel or an internet cafe at least once or twice a day, with photos and maybe a couple of video clips to follow. Stay tuned!

  3. Good.
    I want to post that you'll be semi-live blogging and link to them here if that's ok with you.