Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Squee! Factor

As of today, I have been officially welcomed into the ranks of Progressive Bloggers. As if that wasn't enough, Scott Tribe hisself gave me a personal promo:
I'm especially pleased to see Runesmith's Canadian Content apply and become a member. That's been a very good blog that deserves more publicity.

My husband is laughing at me right now as I make my little Wallace & Gromit 'squee/cheese' hand gesture in response.

It's a strange, strange world we bloggers live in. I luv it!

I just hope they can learn to live with my monthly, non-political movie reviews.


  1. If they don't live with the movie reviews, they'll get an earful from me. I routinely review or mention movies I watch too, and post photos, thoughts, jokes, etc. which most political bloggers feel is beneath them.

  2. Hey, I just wrote about lawnmowers and got 10 votes on Progressive Bloggers.

    Enjoy! And welcome aboard!

  3. You dont have to be 100% politics all the time to be a member. Myself... I'm not a movie fan, but it wont earn you a suspension of membership :)

    Welcome aboard.