Thursday, August 9, 2007


Ever since Bourque went completely off the deep end, I've been getting my Canadian news headlines from The Daily Canuck. It has its own liberal / green bias, but its not especially blatant and I'm not all that interested in reading The National Post anyway.

Today I read this:
Thank you for your interest in the Daily Canuck. Our blog has been replaced by My Green Element, a comprehensive news service and blog. You will be directed there shortly and we hope you enjoy it.

The re-direct leads to the following 'comprehensive' list of headlines:
- Plastic bottle recycling is a dying dream
- Merrill Lynch offers new energy efficiency index
- World's first carbon-free city
- BP, Powerspan team to develop CO2 capture technologies
- Floods find India wanting as climate change looms
- US should consider gas tax: Ford chief
- Motorcycle burns veggie oil and rubber
- NYC storm leaves mess, and questions
- Australian PM tips climate change progress at APEC
- Florida losses could hit $1 billion from drought


So now I'm in the market for a new Canadian news aggregator. National Newswatch looks pretty good. Any other suggestions?

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  1. I agree, Bourque is a little intense, but addictive. Daily Canuck, though, was bland crap at the best of times and I'm pretty disappointed with National Newswatch because it seems to pick up its tips directly from Bourque.

    I like Google News and CBC too.