Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Mad Rantings

I can't quite believe what I'm hearing. The owner of that coal mine in Utah where the miners are trapped is holding a press conference right now, and he's very upset.

Or maybe he's drunk.

Instead of talking about the miners and the rescue efforts, he started ranting about how 'Global Warming legislation' is trying to kill his industry, and how this will inevitably result in electricity prices going through the roof, to the point where poor people won't be able to afford power.


I can understand him being upset. I can understand his frustration at what he considers inaccurate information being reported in the media. I can understand him getting pissed off at the media helicopters buzzing the site and making it hard for the reporters to hear. I can even understand him rambling incoherently from topic to topic, sleepless and distracted as he must be with worry over the miners.

What I don't understand is why the Board of Directors hasn't hauled out a big hook to drag him away from the microphones.

Ah. Now he's attacking the media for talking to representatives of the miner's union critical of the mines operations. Not just in general terms, either - he's naming specific reporters and union leaders, who he just referred to as "lackeys for the United Mine Workers Union".

The Health and Safety official is trying to talk now, but the owner keeps pushing him aside to rant some more.


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