Friday, August 24, 2007

MSM Columnists Gone Wild

I'm starting to understand why my father doesn't read the Globe & Mail so much any more. The old grey lady has obviously been taken over by a bunch of long-haired, left-wing radicals:
Standardize jellybeans with care
By Rick Salutin

Stephen Harper turned his tin ear to the sound of protesters at Montebello. He'd heard there were about a hundred. "It's sad," he smirked. This kind of nyah-nyah isn't a sign of political astuteness. Astute politicians say, "I understand their concerns." They're avid listeners.

Then he turned his other tin ear to what he'd been told they were worried about: loss of Canadian sovereignty and "deep integration." "Is the sovereignty of Canada going to fall apart if we standardize the jellybean?" he said of the issue, raised by a New Brunswick candy maker.

You know what? If they're talking about integrating jellybean standards, it's because there's little else of our economies left to integrate.

A depressing thought, but still: this is about the only mainstream coverage I've seen so far that hasn't swallowed whole Harper's arrogant, chuckling dismissal of SPP concerns. He then proceeds with a well executed towel snap to Travers:

The Toronto Star's Jim Travers said it's time to "debunk" the "myth of galloping integration." That would be because what remains can be done at a slow trot. This isn't about a secret conspiracy, it's about fait accompli, a stately procession that included free trade in 1988, NAFTA in 1994 and the current, amorphous Security and Prosperity Partnership.

He even makes a comment on our military entanglements with the U.S. that leads me to believe that he might have been reading Linda McQuaig.

What's the world coming to?!

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  1. Salutin is right, of course. The process goes back a lot further than the SPP, even further than the NAFTA. Our elites yearn so hard to play with the big guys in the U.S., no matter how bad things look down there, and that has been as true of the Liberals historically as of the Conservatives.

    Nice place you got here, btw. :-)