Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Turner Revisits SPP

It's like pulling teeth, but Garth Turner has finally posted another blog entry about SPP - specifically, the Super Secret Summit in Montebello next month. It seems he's still taking an agnostic position, but he appears to be warming.

I'm still trying to convince him to carpool with me and my son as we attend the festivities. I'll let you know.


  1. Great! Stay on him about the carpooling; he'd learn alot while there in Ottawa about the SPP and NAU; education of everyone is the thing we need most right now - that and continually bugging the media. He would be able to see first hand how this Summit ain't no summit -- it's an exercise fait accomple because they will just make announcements and then whoop it up with the 30, only 31, business pals.

    Nice to find your blog.

  2. So, what kinda car is it?


  3. It's a GMC Safari mini-van. If I put the back seat in it seats seven - or, uh, four if we're planning to cross the 'security perimeter' at Montebello.

  4. You go, girl!
    The more publicity this protest gets before it happens, the better it will play in the print and tv media and the fewer people will be gratuitously hassled.