Monday, May 4, 2009

Bob Rae's Convention Speech, Part 2


  1. Where TF was Bob Rea when they voted down bill c-517 last year? Coward. I just listened to the full debate on this bill and it brought me to tears of anger and frustration. Most of the mps are clearly not representing their constituents seeing as 80% of Canadians support labeling. Maybe this is old news, but we have to keep the dialogue going!

  2. My favourite line from the debate: "As a farmer, I believe that we should let the market dictate how we produce our food." (from a Conservative, of course).

    There were actually a lot of Liberal MPs who voted in favour of that bill. I don't know why Bob wasn't there that day, but I don't think it's fair to assume he was ducking the vote.

  3. Okay I'll cut him a break. It's true a lot of Liberals voted for this, (believe me I went through the list). I would still like to know what was more important to Mr. Rae, that day, than voting yes on this bill.

    Everyone should take a listen to Deconstructing Dinner's breakdown of the whole Gm foods issue in this 'Gm Foods Trilogy'

    Listen to it while you're cooking dinner and pass it on!

    Not even Vanityfair has reported on this, and there is a head spinning amount of disinformation spinning from corporations, trade unions, and "non-profit organizations".

    Maybe I should write Graydon Carter and get him to do a piece on this important GMO issue. :)

    note to GC's credit - they did do a nice story about Monsanto a while back.