Friday, November 27, 2009

My Message for Stephen Harper

I finally got around to leaving that phone message for Stephen Harper today about the importance of taking serious action on climate change.

Unfortunately, I'm having some trouble uploading it to David Suzuki's website. I tried several times to register, but for some reason their email verification isn't getting through to me. I even tried a different email address - no luck. So if anyone has an account over at the David Suzuki Foundation, please upload my video for me. Thanks!


  1. Grats for doing that.

    I would, but I'm afraid I might turn itno a raving madman partway through, and have the RCMP visiting me the next day. LOL.

  2. Thus the advantage of the script, although I actually expected a phone call at least.  So disappointing.  I am going to the States next month - maybe I'll get the repercussions then.