Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kevin Smith RAWKS!!!!!

Happy happy happy! Just got back from seeing Kevin Smith live at Roy Thomson Hall, and it was all I dreamed it could be.

(and if you have to ask who Kevin Smith is... let's just say we are no longer friends.)

I'm guessing by tomorrow morning there will be cell phone footage on YouTube from the adorably perky redhead who finagled her way onstage, gave Kev a hug, plunked herself on the couch, put her feet up and started texting her friends that OMFG IM ONSTAGE W KEVIN SMITH!!!

Then there was the guy who started rambling on about his Hebrew school teacher and watching some guy in the change room at his gym who wears tighty whities and... I don't think even he knew where he was going with that. I'm inclined to believe that he was just messing with Kev and Mewes, but it's hard to say.

Oh, and apparently Mewes just got married to a smokin' hot chick named Jordan. Which proves once and for all that the finest women go for the funny guys.

Anyway, KS is going to be at the Bloor for Kevin Smith Fest. Three nights, six films, and all the Q&A you can handle. I'm still deciding whether and when I'll try to attend, but even if I don't get to ask the man if he would like to ever make a film in this country or open Secret Stash North in T.O., I'm a happy woman just for having attended tonight.

Talk to me, baby. Talk to me.

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  1. haha I was there too! I think his previous years were funnier, but this was still a riot.

    WTF was up with that kid and his story about that man and his tighty whities?