Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tony Speaks from the Wrong Orifice Again

And it ain't the one in his head...

Public supports shutting injection site, Ottawa says

MEXICO CITY -- Ottawa is determined to shut down Vancouver's safe-injection site because it's necessary to "draw a line" about which public health measures are acceptable, Canada's Health Minister says...

"You have to draw the line somewhere and we feel we're drawing the line in a place Canadians are comfortable," Mr. Clement said in an interview in Mexico City, where he is attending the 17th International AIDS Conference.

Now, granted the headline of the Globe article isn't quite what he said, but he certainly does seem to be implying that he has some special insight (pardon the pun) into public opinion in Canada regarding safe injection sites.

Eh, not so much...

Two-thirds support safe-injection site, poll says

VANCOUVER - Only a quarter of people in the Metro Vancouver region support shutting down the city's precedent-setting supervised-injection site, according to a poll done this week by AngusReid Strategies.

The poll of 400 residents showed that about a third of people overall oppose its operations, 10 per cent aren't sure and almost 60 per cent support the site, which is the only one of its kind in North America.

But hey, that's just those dirty hippies out in BC, right? I'm sure if you asked all Canadians what they thought...

Majority supports safe-injection sites
Ipsos Reid poll shows 55% of Canadians think centres like Insite 'a good idea'

Most Canadians say it's "a good thing" heroin addicts in Vancouver have a safe, legal place to shoot up, according to a poll conducted this week for Canwest News Service and Global National.

An Ipsos Reid poll made public yesterday found that 55 per cent of Canadians say the Downtown Eastside centre Insite is "a good thing" and 54 per cent say it should remain exempt from the country's drug laws, despite a Conservative government appeal to shut it down.

Yeah, but I'm sure those hardworking rural folks are all totally against it, right? Or maybe the results are skewed by those bastards in Eastern Canada...

Quebecers were the most likely to say safe injection is "good," with 66 per cent of the province agreeing, followed by Alberta (58 per cent), Atlantic Canada (55 per cent), British Columbia (54 per cent), Ontario (49 per cent) and Saskatchewan and Manitoba (45 per cent)...

The poll also found a split between rural and urban populations. Those in urban settings (57 per cent) have a higher tendency than those in rural settings (50 per cent) to agree that Insite is a "good thing."

I think what really annoys me about the Globe article isn't the headline - it's that they didn't spend the same ten minutes I did looking up past poll results to see if Tony actually had a point, or if he was just talking out of his ass again.

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  1. Thanks for pulling all those polls together in one spot. Haven't seen the comments on the Globe for this article but I'm inclined to go and have a look. Might even point to your research.