Saturday, August 9, 2008

Inspector Clouseau Does Digby

I just love those politicians from down east - they have such a colourful way of expressing themselves. That, and their low tolerance for bullshit.

The Liberals knew right away who the stranger was - Michael White, 28, a long-time senior communications aide to Government House Leader Peter Van Loan who recently joined the Harper PMO as a media officer.

"He's wandering around looking like Fifi hit Paris in Digby," Saint John MP Paul Zed said

Mr. Zed said Mr. White was "pretending to be a tourist" but did not get into any meetings or attend receptions.

"This is like Richard Nixon and the dirty tricks department of Donald Segretti," Mr. Zed said. "I mean it makes no sense. If the guy wanted to come into the room, all he had to do is take off his secret squirrel outfit.



On another topic entirely, RealNews has this excellent video explaining the many ways in which "clean coal" is an utter fraud. If you are an American and a Democrat, could you please forward a copy of this to Barack Obama and BEG him to remove this nonsense from his energy platform? Thank you.

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