Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Liveblogging the Great Green Shift Road Show and Turner Town Hall Shindig

Dion/Turner Event

I've just been informed by someone with the Dion camp that the Ethernet set-up they have is for the media only, and that bloggers will NOT be allowed to use it to live-blog.


I have no idea if this applies to Blackberry-type devices, and frankly I'm not inclined to ask at this point. We shall see.

And now I am alone in a room full of REAL media. The half dozen or so bloggers who had been directed into the room have been directed out again. Garth just flew in to meet and greet, and then scold whoever is driving Dion here from Hamilton to get his ass over here.

And we're live! Esther or someone talked some sense into Mr. Junior Secret Service and let us hook up. Garth just did his “Blogging is the Future of Politics” speech and has gone to rescue The Boss from the old media guys.

The questions have started... or should I say, the speeches. Everyone seems to have rehearsed a rather lengthy question focusing on whatever their own personal issue is. And so did I, although I like to think I kept it short and to the point.

Mr. Junior Secret Service is FLIPPING OUT over the number of cameras and camcorders in the room. "How did all these cameras get in here?" he ask me. "We're bloggers. It's what we do", I told him.

Someone asked about the attack adds, and asked how Dion can stay quiet when they're insulting his DOG for Gods sakes! Dion: "I'm a big boy". That one got a big laugh.


  1. You wouldn't happen to have gotten a name for Mr. Junior Secret Service?

  2. "We're bloggers. It's what we do."

    Heh. You go, girl!

  3. Scott -
    A name? I couldn't even get his picture. It's like he had some sixth sense that allowed him to scurry out of the way every time a camera was pointed at him.

    Bob -
    Thanks, bud! Wow, two in one day [blush]. I will get around to reciprocating at some point, once I finish with all the post-game crap.