Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Later that night, at the pub...

I can now post the rest of my pseudo-live blog, thanks to the superior technology of Zorpheous.

Holy SHIT there are a lot of people here!! They were worried that they might want to block off half the room if only a few hundred showed up, but that doesn't seem to be a problem – there are at least 1,200 people here!! (good guess, Zorph!)

I'm hanging out with Zorpheous, Cam Holmstrom and Impolitical. We're the cool kids.

Someone asked about electoral reform, and Dion came out with a very well thought out response that, while acknowledging that he needs to run stuff like this by his caucus, explained why he supports the idea of preferential ballotting – and then proceeded with a professorial lecture explaining exactly what that is.

And the Deniers are here. Joy. Dion is politely taking him apart.

And the Fetus Fetishists are here too, blathering about C-454 [edit - that should be C-484]. Ah... no. Liberal. Pro-choice. Next question.

More narrowly-focused questions. I'm waiting for them to start asking for plenary indulgences.

People are starting to trickle out to avoid the rush. Time to take down the pipe & drape and off to the pub.

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