Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Conservatives Send Left-Wing Writer to Talk to Commies

This just keeps getting better and better.

Mr. Dyer told The Globe and Mail that a Foreign Affairs official at the Canadian embassy in Cuba called him and asked him to speak in Havana, promising to cover his travel expenses. He said he was given $3,000 in cash to cover his airfare, hotel and expenses in Cuba, and that he had never heard of PromArt until last week.

"It suggests to me this is the gang who can't shoot straight. My surmise ... is that they didn't have a pot of money that they could easily fit this into, so a little creative bookkeeping was done ... and you take it out of the PromArt budget," he said.

Wow. I got nothin'.

So, who do you think is getting fired over this one?

UPDATE: Here's Dyer's letter to the G&M explaining exactly what happened and why he went to Cuba.

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  1. I read that letter in the hardcopy edition. I'm inclined to believe Mr. Dyer on this point. Strongly inclined.