Monday, September 14, 2009

It's a Win, Win, Win Situation!

With everyone on pins and needles over what's going to happen in Parliament this week, I am feeling surprisingly calm and content. Maybe it's that I'm old enough to know that this too shall pass, or maybe it's because my glass-half-full mind is seeing the up side to just about any potential scenario:
1) The government falls and there's an election. The Liberals win. The Liberals WIN!

2) The government falls and there's an election. The Liberals lose. Ignatieff resigns as leader, and we get to actually elect a new one. One I like better. Go Gerard!

3) The government survives, propped up by the NDP. The NDP loses it's last shred of credibility. And we will laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh...


  1. Why would the NDP lose credibility? They will give just a few weeks of support for something that will help hundreds of thousands of Canadians. In contrast the Liberals gave two years of support for nothing.

  2. ???? How does your idea, Darwin, make any sense at all? Where is your missing thinking cap?

  3. Weird security Jennifer
    I finally figured out a log on, it accepts it and then calls me "Guest"

    Anyway, if #3 happens then Iggy's folks look smart for getting him out of the grand-coalition the Liberals have bee trapped in but w/o an immediate election. Harper always goes down in the polls when Parliament is sitting.

    Northern PoV

  4. Sorry about the comments issues, guys. JS-Kit was great - Echo sucks. I thought it was just me, but apparently it's not.

    Darwin - How would supporting a half-assed Conservative EI expansion for two weeks before bringing down the government help anyone? Especially when the Liberals would bring in the kind of real reforms the NDP have been demanding if they were actually elected?

    As for their credibility, I'm thinking mostly of the however many times the NDP voted against the government (i.e all of them) back when there was no chance of that actually bringing down the government, and how they always derided the Liberals for settling for minor concessions and avoiding an election.

    Shoe. Foot. You get the idea.

  5. FYI, according to today's Windsor Star, the proposed changes aren't really going to help a lot of people anyway. At least not auto workers.