Friday, September 4, 2009

Halton '09: Let the Games Begin!

Liberal candidate Deborah Gillis squares off against Lisa Raitt in today's Milton Champion over the seeming inevitability of a fall election.

Halton’s Liberal candidate Deborah Gillis, a non-profit executive appointed by Ignatieff, said an election is necessary because of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s lack of leadership on a number of important issues. As examples, she cited what she called the Conservative government’s management of the isotope crisis, assistance to Canadians “stranded abroad,” and lack of progress made on environmental issues.

“Liberals share the disappointment of Canadians on the lack of leadership on these issues,” said Gillis.

(I think they meant to say 'mis-management' of the isotope crisis.)

“Canadians neither want nor need an election that needlessly jeopardizes our fragile recovery,” current Halton Conservative MP Lisa Raitt stated in a written release Wednesday. “We are just beginning to see signs of a recovery on the horizon; a recovery that must not be put at risk by (Liberal leader) Michael Ignatieff’s political opportunism.”

Funny - the Japanese managed to have an election just recently without any noticeably ill effects on their economic recovery. The Germans are having an election in a few weeks, as are the Portuguese, the Norwegians and the Swiss - and those are just the European ones.

Tell you what. Let's just put democracy on hiatus until the recession is over, what do you say?

Meanwhile, if you would like to come and meet Deb Gillis, she's going to be in town taking in the Milton Farmers' Market tomorrow morning and checking out 'Steam Era' at the Fairgrounds in the afternoon. I'll be showing her the sights along with a bunch of other Halton Liberals, so don't be shy about coming up and introducing yourself.

Later this month we're having a Meet & Greet on September 10th at O'Finn's Irish Temper in Oakville starting at 7 pm. And then there's our fabulous Golf Tournament fundraiser on the 22nd at Hornby Glen.

Hope to see you there!

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