Monday, June 15, 2009

Iggy Lobs the Ball Into Harper's Court

I still have my reservations about Michael Ignatieff's policies and attitudes and the direction he's leading the party... but DAMN he's good at this!

"That's the choice of the prime minister in my view. We've asked some questions that require an answer. If he wants Parliament to work it's very easy for him to answer positively. But he must understand that I am prepared to vote against him," Ignatieff said.

He stressed that the Liberal party doesn't want a summer election, but said the job of the Official Opposition is to hold the government accountable.

"We want Parliament to work, we want to replace confrontation with co-operation. But we need Prime Minister Harper to deliver the accountability that Canadians expect."

Your move, Steve.


  1. Ignatieff is impressive isn't he? I may be naive, but I really do think he is concerned about Canadians who are suffering job losses. So far, so good.

  2. Damn, he's so dremy too.

    He's hardly pushing Harper into a very tight corner. These weak demands are easy to sastisfy with little to no additional information.

    It's akin to Iggy standing in front of Harper and giving his best lion roar impression.


    Don't expect the Cons to get too scared this time around.

  3. A lion roar imitation is okay at this point. Timing matters.