Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gerard Kennedy Speaks in Halton (video)

Gerard Kennedy spoke to members and friends of the Halton Federal Liberals at our cocktail fundraiser last night in Oakville. It was my first fundraiser of this type, and it was a lot of fun - although a little stressful until the person organizing the registration arrived. Once things got rolling, however, it all went tickety-boo. I had managed to get my son to come and help out, and even convinced him to wear dress shoes and tuck his shirt in!

We had all sorts of local luminaries in attendance, most notably Bruce Hood and Senator Betty Kennedy. I heard Gary Carr was there too but I didn't spot him. And of course, there was Gerard.

The more I know about Gerard Kennedy, the more impressed I am with him. His community service background and his stint as Ontario's Education Minister are my idea of the ideal resume for a Liberal MP (sorry, but I'm sick to death of all the lawyers and businessmen). And when you combine all that with a speaking ability and an easy charisma that, in my opinion, exceeds that of the much-touted Justin Trudeau, I can't think of a more perfect leader for the Liberal Party.

Next time, baby!

Here's Part 1 of the speech he gave last night, although it seemed less like a speech and more like a frank, off-the-cuff discussion of the current situation in parliament, of the broader implications of Lisa Raitt's handling of the isotope crisis, and of where we should be going as a Party and as a country.

(apologies for the poor video quality - more lights next time, please!)

Parts 2 and 3, plus photos, later tonight and tomorrow.

UPDATE: Here's Part 2.

And Part 3, including my question at the end about the Federal Liberal position on McGuinty's new daycare plan:

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  1. From the sound of applause it seems that there were about 30 people attending,perhaps less.
    Would you consider this a success?
    BTW,Where was Garth?