Sunday, January 6, 2008

Jack Bauer for President!

Ok, I'm bad. I watched 'Rescue Dawn' tonight instead of the New Hampshire Debates. Not that I don't care about what they're up to down there - I just couldn't take any more of the 24/7 sports desk-like election coverage.

To make up for my deficiencies as a political blogger, I thought I'd go through the transcript of the Democratic debate (I tried the video clips at ABC but the links are all broken). I didn't get very far before I ran across this, the second question of the evening:

MR. GIBSON: I want to get to another question, and it really is the central one in my mind in nuclear terrorism. The next president of the United States may have to deal with a nuclear attack on an American city. I've read a lot about this in recent days. The best nuclear experts in the world say there's a 30 percent chance in the next 10 years. Some estimates are higher: Graham Allison at Harvard says it's over 50 percent.

Senator Sam Nunn, in 2005, who knows a lot about this, posed two questions that stick in my mind, and I want to put them to you here. On the day after a nuclear weapon goes off in an American city, what would we wish we had done to prevent it? And what will we actually do on the day after?


SEN. OBAMA: Well --

MR. EDWARDS: Well --


MR. EDWARDS: You're asking me?


And I'm thinking... what, are we writing an episode of '24' here?! Seriously, WTF kind of question is that?!?

My husband said that they should have asked, "What if aliens attacked and the Martians blew up the Empire State Building?"

I suggested that that was more of a Giuliani question.

Interestingly, the first question of the evening had to do with how they might go about REALLY pissing off the one Muslim country that actually has nuclear weapons, so maybe it's not such a bad question after all.

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