Sunday, January 27, 2008

Manley on 'Cross Country Checkup': Ooooh! Let's Call In!!

John Manley is going to be on 'Cross Country Checkup'* on CBC 1 this afternoon, 4:00 EST, 1:00 Pacific.

I think everyone who has been blogging about the Manley Report this week should call in and ask him why he plagiarized his own earlier article, or why there was absolutely no mention of detainees in his report, or one of the other hundred or so questions nobody on television has dared ask him to his face.

The man has some serious splainin' to do, and I for one would like to hear his answers to some real questions, preferably unfiltered by the MSM or his PMO handlers.

The toll free number to call is 1-888-416-8333. That's 1-888-416-8333. We can call it a Radio Blogswarm!

* and the first time I posted this I 'misspoke' and called it 'As It Happens', because, well... I'm a dope.

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