Thursday, December 11, 2008

Michael Ignatieff: Satan or Savior?

Well, that's it. After slightly less than a week of bi-partisan progressive unity and bonhomie, we're apparently back to "Liberals are nothing better than Conservatives with red ties".

It all seems so familiar somehow...


I do find it interesting that for all the tearing of clothes and gnashing of teeth over how Ignatieff represents the Blue Grit "Business Liberal" faction of the party (and yes, I'm as guilty as anyone), I'm starting to realize that every criticism of the man I've read so far has to do with hawkish statements he made seven years or more ago.

I honestly don't know where Michael Ignatieff stands on trade, macro-economics, social equity or globalization. Garth sure seems to like him (which frankly gives me pause), and I certainly didn't like his obviously self-serving position on the process that ended up making him our new leader. But I'm starting to wonder if I may have mis-judged the man on the broader issues.

So. If anyone can fill me in on Michael Ignatieff's positions on non-military issues - preferably based on statements made since he actually got elected as a Liberal MP - please let me know.

I can tell you this: whatever my reservations, I must admit to a certain satisfaction at the sight of that growing wet spot on the front of Stephen Harper's pants since Iggy took over.


(Oh, and if you want evidence of that growing wet spot - witness Harper's complete and utter abandonment of his Reform Party base in his latest desperate bid to retain power. The man's days are truly numbered.)


  1. Have you heard or read his speech to the 2005 Liberal party convention? It's quite interesting. You can find it here.

  2. In the next federal election, I don't think Iggy will perform poorly. However, I don't think we will be the Liberal saviour.

  3. Actually, if you just Google "Ignatieff speeches", quite a few come up, for example, this talk at the University of Ottawa from 2006, and this more recent speech to the Economic Club. I'm sure there are others but i actually have to get some real work done...

  4. Thanks for this. I have read/seen a few of his speeches - I just find it difficult to judge based on these because politicians delivering speeches tend to say whatever they think their audience wants to hear.

    I find it far more instructive to see what side they take in a dispute or disagreement, and what sorts of practical plans they propose. For instance, Ignatieff's position on the caucus leadership vote said something to me. So did his musings about a trans-Canada energy highway.

    SD -
    I was being a bit facetious with the title, since many of the blog posts I've read in recent days tend to cast him in one of those two roles.

  5. Jennifer:

    You could go to his website... There are position papers on a number of issues...


  6. Again, that sort of material tends to be somewhat vague and self-serving. Deeds Speak.

  7. I for one am thrilled with Mr. Ignatieff taking over the leadership of the Liberal Party. It is a great day for Canadian politics. Everyone repeat after me.GOODBYE MR. HARPER AND GOOD RIDANCE!

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