Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yet Another Lame Blog Post

I know, I've been a bad, bad blogger.

I've been so focused on trying to mediate the food fight that's been going on at En Famille over the Young Liberal amendment to the OMOV proposal - and the further complication of the Liberal Brass suddenly deciding to toss Robert's out the window - that I haven't had the time or focus to actually talk about it all in a coherent blog post.

I promise, I will. Soon. Probably tomorrow. Because what is going on is vital to the future of the Liberal Party, and I strongly believe that a negotiated solution to this dispute can and must be reached before we get into that little room to vote. Otherwise the entire OMOV proposition may well be dead before it even hits the convention floor, and all those lovely words about "change" and "renewal" and "democratic reform" will turn to ash in the mouths of our leaders.

Thing is, I'm less concerned with talking about it than I am with actually DOING something about it right now.

In the meantime, here is your Gratuitous Iggy Shot of the day:


  1. What's to negotiate? Any talk of a quota should be instantly rejected.

    Let the YLC wear the mantle of being anti-democratic, if they get enough votes to defeat this.

  2. Yes, yes, yes... but if we dig in our heels, and they dig in their heels, and nobody even tries to see the other side or find a way to address legitimate concerns, then the whole OMOV initiative is going to fall apart and we will end up right back where we started.

    And then it won't matter who is to blame.