Saturday, April 11, 2009

I've Been Nominated for an F-Word! (blush)

Wow! I've been nominated for an F-Word Award as Best Feminist Political Blog. And I didn't even nominate myself! (thanks, James!)

I've never really considered myself a feminist. I've always just assumed that I had the right and the ability to do pretty much whatever I wanted, and that being female had nothing to do with it. So when someone does something asinine - like assuming the power tools belong to my husband, or looking at me funny when I pull out my firearms license for I.D. - it tends to really piss me off.

Yeah, ok - I guess that's a feminist thing.

Anyway, feel free to go vote for me. And thanks!


  1. "Yeah, ok - I guess that's a feminist thing."

    Yep, being perpetually pissed off is most definitely a feminist thing.

    It may be *the* most feminist thing, more so than feminism even. That gag went out the window when people started asking Palin what magazines she reads; you pretty much admitted that it was never about advancing women with that stunt. Now it's fair game to ask the same question of all female candidates, hardly a step forward.

    "I had the right and the ability to do pretty much whatever I wanted"

    Oh yeah, you're a feminist :-) Zero concept of duty and responsibility, all take and no give, incessant demands and zero reciprocity. Selfish, unbelievably shallow, angry, bellicose harridans who so desperately want to be men.

    Apparently you hate yourselves more than we hate you, judging by the sky-high rates of mental illness and treatment among feminists, so don't act all offended, you know what I am saying is true. What am I saying - being offended is pretty much the only thing you can do capably.

  2. And you woke up at 638 in the morning to write that piece of shit comment. Were you feeling inspired at 638 in the morning or did you just shit the bed?

    Naturally, you are an anonymous guttersnipe coward. Most are that write vile shit about good people.

  3. And not just anonymous, either - it was someone posting under an anonymous proxy! Oooohh... fancy.

    I was going to delete it, but I think maybe I'll just leave it there to remind myself that dinosaurs still walk the earth.

  4. It took me months of reading your blog on a regular basis to realise that you were "of the fair sex" and only then because someone referred to you as "her", and that’s a good thing!
    Good commentary has no gender but yours is one of the best so I voted for you anyway!