Thursday, April 23, 2009

Garth's New Book To Be Released Tomorrow

Aaand... here. We. Go.

Garth Turner tell-all ruffles media feathers

Because it wouldn't be a Garth Turner story if it didn't have a provocative title, right?

If you actually click through on the story, you will read that the "ruffled feathers" were over a passing reference to The Canadian Press printing a story that had been fed to them from the PMO about a caucus incident that Garth claims didn't happen. CP apparently felt he was impugning their professionalism, whereas he says he was just making a point about Harper leaking stories.

In the end, CP reached an agreement with the publisher to put a "notification sticker" on the inside cover, and that was that. Or it should have been. But no, this is Garth Turner we're talking about. Where he goes, the hyenas follow.

This is going to be fun.

UPDATE: Word was going around that the book had vanished from and the release had been delayed, so I asked The Garth Man himself. He said the book will be released tomorrow (Saturday). However, I checked with the bookstore in the mall and was told that they have the books, they received the email from the publisher instructing them to put the stickers on... but they don't have the stickers yet, and he didn't know when they were expected.

Stay tuned.

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