Friday, April 17, 2009

Political Sock Puppets on BC-STV

Cheesy, but very cute.

The polls are looking good for electoral reform actually making it through in BC this time, and although the Single Transferable Vote system is quite different from the Mixed Member Proportional system proposed in Ontario, the objective is the same: to better reflect the true will of the electorate in our legislatures, and to allow for a greater diversity of voices to be heard.

Let the floodgates open.

(H/T to Hell, Upside Down)


  1. I voted against MMP in Ontario knowing as I did that it could allow unaccountable MPPs elected who represented no constituency. STV is a truly proportional democratic system, and I will endorse it here.

  2. I guess it's all how you look at it. For those who aren't familiar, with MMP you had some representatives for small, existing ridings, and others representing the province as a whole - kind of like elected senators in the U.S. With STV multiple MLAs will represent large regions.

    I personally had no problem with the MMP system, but I'm glad to know you're supporting STV. Are you going to be promoting it through your blog?