Friday, April 10, 2009

Let Me Get This Straight...

Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney - the most successful and popular Conservative Prime minister in the history of this country - has, with his wife Mila, donated nearly FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to the Conservative Party over the past five years...

... and they want him to cough up another lousy TEN BUCKS to keep his Party membership current?!?

Defence Minister Peter MacKay called the party boss last week and asked him to issue a public statement clarifying whether, as a former two-term prime minister, Mulroney could be a Conservative member for life.

That conversation with party president Don Plett was brief and unproductive: the Conservative Party of Canada does not offer lifetime memberships and wouldn't make an exception for Mulroney.

Plett refused to confirm the conversation. But he did not deny refusing such an entreaty.

"The Conservative Party of Canada has no lifetime members," Plett told The Canadian Press in an interview.

"The present prime minister is a paid-up member -- and he paid for his membership, as did I and as did every other member in our party . . . .

"In the past, Mr. Mulroney has been buying memberships. So obviously, at some point, somebody was aware that memberships needed to be purchased."

You know, I never liked Brian Mulroney. I protested NAFTA back in the day, and the whole 'Irish Eyes' incident still turns my stomach whenever I think of it. But fer fuck sakes, people! Show a little goddamned respect!

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