Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What Could These People Possibly Be Thinking?

Am I missing something?

I keep watching these Republican rallies - you know, the ones where McCain and/or Palin get those Joe the Plumbers and Cathy the Chiropractors all worked into a lather over the idea that Barack Obama wants to "spread the wealth"?

And I'm thinking... just who is it they think that wealth is going to be spread to, if not them? University professors? Community organizers?

I can only conclude that these people are all somehow convinced that, while they might be low or middle class NOW, someday they will all win the lottery or some reality TV show, and oh boy will they ever appreciate those capital gains tax deferments then!

You betcha.


  1. It's sad that Americans have been so powerfully indoctrinated in centre-right/far-right ideology as to become absolutely phobic about progressive social issues.

  2. Same thing with so-called death taxes. Like someone from the government is going to show up and demand one of your four framed prints of dogs playing poker.