Saturday, October 25, 2008

Here's a Thought...

Ujjal Dosanjh.

I'm not especially tuned in to BC politics, but the second I saw his name mentioned in the comments over at James Curran's place, and then read that he might actually be interested in going for a leadership shot, I instantly liked the idea.

High profile provincially and nationally, tons of experience, associated with a signature Liberal portfolio, left but not exceedingly so, NOT from Ontario, visible minority but not likely to scare the straights... ok, so he doesn't speak French. Meh. We can work on that.

So, you Western Canadians - whaddya think? Would this be a good idea, or would he have Bob Rae's toxicity in his home province?


  1. Dosanjh would not inspire the nation. I don't think he'd even be useful in a leadership race.

    Dosanjh sweats out recount

  2. Jennifer, I tried - unsuccessfully - to find a video of Dosanjh's rant against Jack Layton and the NDP on election night to send you. He sounded nearly deranged, so, no, I would not recommend him for any leadership post.

    His opportunism in switching parties over the years has earned him some serious credibility problems . . . .