Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Vote Culture, eh?

Despite the intermittent rain and being sick as a dog, I had a helluva time at the Vote for Culture Rally today in Toronto. The star-spotting alone was worth the trip, but it was really about supporting Canadian arts and culture, and telling Stephen Harper exactly what 'ordinary Canadians' think of both his policies and his attitude.

Here are some star shots, and video of three kick-ass speeches by former Kid in the Hall Mark McKinney, Corner Gas star Eric Peterson, and our very own Denis "Hey Writer Boy" McGrath.

Deepa Mehta

Adam Vaughan

Mark McKinney

Eric Peterson

Denis McGrath

Just in case we started rioting

Here's part one of the video, featuring huge crowds, Canadian stars, some guy in a sweater vest, and Mark McKinney's speech.

And here's part two, with speeches by Eric Peterson and Denis McGrath.


  1. Sorry your sick. Thanks for putting up the pictures - they're great.

  2. Hi Jennifer - Cheryl Binning (a Canadian arts reporter) just wrote a great blog post on the National Screen Institute website (we're one of the four national training schools whose funding has been slashed by Mr Harper and some of our alumni were with you at the rally). It focuses on the economic impact of the funding cuts to the arts.

    Cheers - LIZ HOVER