Monday, October 20, 2008


Wow. Well. That was... unexpected. And given the whole host of lousy options currently available, I think this may have been the best choice he could have made. At least now we will have some continuity, and Dion and his supporters might continue to have a voice in the renewal process.

I keep thinking back to a scene in the movie 'Serpico'. Serpico has been branded a traitor by his fellow officers for exposing corruption, but he insists on staying on the job. He is called to make an arrest at a sleezy apartment, and as he knocks on the door he realizes that the cops who are supposed to have his back have suddenly vanished.

Then he gets shot in the face.

The way Stephane Dion has been treated by the Liberal Party establishment from day one is appalling. Whatever Dion's shortcomings, they could have easily been overcome if he had had the unqualified support of his caucus and staff. He did not, and those 'anonymous Liberal insiders' made damned sure that everyone knew that he did not. They never wanted him, and were apparently willing to wreck the party in order to replace him with another corporatist Martin clone.

And now they will reap the rewards for their short sighted power tactics.

Welcome to your Kerry years.


  1. Where do The Green Shift supporters go?

    Environmentalists in the LPC must not act as the general public and split the vote: we need to know for whom we are now fighting.

    What an opportunity Canada wasted on Oct. 14, 2008, to elect a brilliant, honest, progressive, green PM!

    Mr. Dion's advice to his leadership supporters will be symbolically and practically crucial as the leadership kicks into full gear.

    Who's in charge of "the renewal process"?

    So many questions.

    But scientists aren't changing their tune on the environment: the world has no time for this kind of infighting within the progressive (& here the ABC) movement.

    What's the plan now for normal Canadians who want to REMOVE HARPER next time? And who refuse to hear anything that suggests it cannot happen?

    What's the plan for the environmental movement within the Liberal Party, which considers The Green Shift or some variant necessary?

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed the 'inside out' take down of Stephane Dion. He deserved WAY WAY better. IMHO we seriously missed out.

    Oh well I guess