Sunday, March 15, 2009

Save Kevin Page! on Facebook

I just started my very first Facebook group, devoted to everyone's favourite indestructible, incorruptible civil servant:
Save Kevin Page and the PBO!

Kevin Page was appointed as Canada's first Parliamentary Budget Officer in 2006, and was given the task of providing independent analysis "directly to Parliament" about the "state of ... finances and trends in the national economy." The office was set up with a bare-bones budget and staff, with the promise that funding would be substantially increased.

That promise is being broken, and the PBO's independence and effectiveness are being threatened.

Kevin Page has proved time and again that he is a skilled and devoted public servant. He and his office perform a vital function by cutting through the spin and providing Canadians and our elected representatives with Truth in Budgeting.

Show your support for Kevin Page and the PBO by emailing your MP, and by inviting your friends to Save Kevin Page!


  1. I am not "into" the facebook thing but will try and work a link into my next post at
    Without those guys Harpers spin would have little to counteract it.

  2. Joined and sent invitation to my friends.