Thursday, September 18, 2008

Harper Does Halton. Raitt Does Turner.

I really wanted to attend last night's Harper rally in Oakville. I really did. I might have even been willing to sign in with my name and address and have my bags searched and whatever the hell else they're requiring of those deemed worthy of being admitted into His August Presence.

Sadly, Mr. Handel required my attendance at choir practice.

Coincidentally, the event was being held at the same hall that hosted the Turner and Dion Town Hall and Road Show a few weeks ago. You know, the one where 1,200+ people showed up during summer vacation when there was no election on? Well, Harper got about 400. To be fair, though, the location wasn't officially released until the day of the event, so it wasn't like they were actively promoting it to the public.

Still, with that handy removable wall there to cut the space in half, it looks like it was quite cosy.

Lisa Raitt was there to introduce her boss and take a few shot at her opponent, Garth Turner. I thought this was priceless:

"Halton deserves a good MP, one who puts you and your concerns first, but instead, warming Halton's seat in Parliament right now, we've got a guy who likes to blub a lot, likes to call people names and who also attacks the news media when they don't agree with him," said Raitt.

"As I mentioned, I am a parent of young children, so I know how to deal with this sort of behaviour and looking around the room, I see lots of parents and grandparents and you do, too. You give your child a time out. You teach them how to behave like a big boy. On election day, let's do what's best for Halton, lets give Garth Turner a permanent time out."

Oh. Please. Do feel free to use the 'time out' line in the debates. Maybe you can threaten to give him a spanking. No, wait...

Honestly, I would have loved to hear what else she had to say. Perhaps she spoke about the economy. Or business concerns. Or the transportation industry. I suspect I would have been disappointed, though. From everything I've read so far, her years of experience as President and CEO of the Toronto Port Authority, being the first female harbourmaster in Canadian history, her law degree and legal training in international trade, commerce, transportation and arbitration - all apparently make her eminently qualified to be the official Conservative point-person on the subject of... Mommy Stuff.
Help for First-Time Homebuyers
Extending Maternity and Parental Benefits to Self-Employed Canadians
Keep your Universal Child Care Benefit

Still, good on her for putting up a blog that actually allows comments, even if her posts so far are mostly regurgitations of press releases fed to her by mommy bird, and her... four commenters are all party faithful. I'm sure she'll get the hang of it eventually. Maybe.

Feel free to wander over there and liven things up for her - she looks a little lonely. I left a rather respectful question there tonight under (shock!) my real name and URL. Let's see what she does with it.

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