Monday, September 15, 2008

Harper's Ministry of Truth Has Been Busy

Not content to merely control the message coming out of their MPs and candidates in the present, the PMO has been busy re-writing what they 'said' in the past:

Conservative messages undergo 'severe' editing
'New quotes' even added to better reflect Harper's stance, documents reveal

... The documents show the media release and background documents handed out were massaged by several officials and communications officers in the departments of Industry and Fisheries and Oceans. Then they were forwarded to the Privy Council Office where senior analyst Kevin Mills did what he called a "severe edit" on the release.

Much of the information about the scientists and project was cut, but the names of three ministers -- Mr. Toews, Maxime Bernier, who was industry minister at the time, and Fisheries and Oceans Minister Loyola Hearn were retained.

Mr. Mills then asked for "new quotes" to be attributed to Mr. Toews and Mr. Bernier. "One comment I received is that the ministerial quotes do not reflect the comments the PM has made in speeches on the north," Mr. Mills advised Jennifer Davies at Fisheries and Oceans. She and Ms. Boudreau came up with new lines for their ministers.

The documents show Ms. Davies and Ms. Boudreau repeatedly revising quotes that were cleared by their ministers' office, then sent to different "analysts" in Privy Council Office for approval. It is not clear whether the ministers had input into what they were eventually quoted as saying.

Oceania is at War with Eurasia. Oceania has always been at War with Eurasia.


  1. They are Big Brother alright.very scary ,controlling liars, is what they are. A Majority would be the end of of many things as we do we stop this?

  2. Volunteer to help out your local non-conservative candidate. I don't care what party - whoever has the best shot. Write letters to the editor - not just online but actual dead-trees newspapers. Talk to your friends and family.

    Other than that, just keep telling yourself, "Everything changes; nothing lasts forever".