Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Blog Wars Claim Another Victim

Congratulations to BigCityLib for digging up that nasty hairball Conservative candidate and handgun fan Chris Reid coughed up and subsequently tried to shove down the memory hole.

(Note to Conservative bloggers: the internet never forgets.)

Reid has now withdrawn his candidacy, claiming that he "would not be able to "commit" to a four-year term in office". Right. Because he apparently realized just this weekend that he had about a .042% chance of beating the incumbent - Bob Rae.

I find it curious that Reid chose this particular time to shut down the comments on his blog, and then delete the blog all together. It makes me wonder if he and Lisa Raitt might have received the same memo from the Ministry of Truth that Garth Turner got two years ago.

More later...


  1. Toronto Centre, where the Conservatives undemocratically ousted Mark Warner for daring to talk about issues relevant to residents?

    Yeah, unsurprising they are completely giving up there.

  2. This is a testament to the undemocratic nature of partisan politics. A candidate strays from the party line, and then all of a sudden he 'withdraws his candidacy'. Yeah right. The Tories must have been scared shitless that some candidate with no hope of winning would remind people what lies beneath the sweater vest.